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1028 Days Missing
Aditya was found and father met him in New
Delhi on Oct 25, 2009! Aditya was transported
to back to his home country USA on May 6, 2010
Aditya is not being sent to school for the past 2 years.
Aditya has only been allowed very limited social interaction
with children of his age and family. Aditya is a smart boy
limited to explore his intelligence
While Father is composing songs
for Aditya, and running from piller
to post searching for Aditya,
mother Vijayasree was unable to
take care of Aditya even when he
was seriously sick with typhoid
recently in Bangalore.
Supreme Court of India has saved
Aditya from Vijayasree who abused
him for more than 2 1/2 years in India
Daddy Sings
to Aditya!
If you have any information
about Aditya Chandran or
Vijayasree Voora, please
0 97015 30007. (Missed
calls welcome, All calls
returned) Your identity will
be kept confidential. You
will be suitably rewarded if
your tip leads to safe
recovery of Aditya.
Inspired by Lionel
Richie's Hello Song!
Click below at the two Internationally critically acclaimed music videos depicting
that fathers too love their children very much. God Bless Aditya.
Check out the
Tamil Version! Also in English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada!.
Award Winning Rescue Aditya Documentaries!
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Father thanks the 3-Judge panel of the Supreme Court of India for upholding
international laws. Father is grateful to CBI for their excellent work done to
locate Aditya and his mother. Father is also overwhelmed by the numerous
well wishers of Aditya congratulating him to have a wonderful life in the USA.

Special thanks to CRISP, an NGO in Bangalore and its president Mr. Kumar
Jahgirdhar for taking up this cause of left out NRI fathers, and diligently
pursuing the courts in India for their rights. God bless India and all !
Aditya was recovered from the court certified criminally insane
and Violent International Kidnapper, convicted child abuser,
felony offender, Vijayasree Voora on May 1st, 2010 from a seedy
motel in Chennai, India and was handed over to Aditya's father,
Dr. Ravi Chandran on the same day by India's premiere
investigative agency, Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI).
Aditya was transported back to his native country, USA, on May
6, 2010 and joined his family in the USA. Aditya started school on
May 10, 2010 and is now well adjusted to his life in the USA.
Father thanks Supreme Court of India, CBI and CRISP for the
justice rendered to Aditya. God Bless Aditya!
                          PAST HISTORY
No trace of Aditya or Vijayasree in the addresses given by Vijayasree to
CBI! Willful flouting of SC order and no respect for law. All registered
documents sent to the two addresses in Chennai were returned as
Vijayasree was not found in those locations
! Bogus addresses were given
to CBI!
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As per supreme court order, Vijayasree is supposed to hand over Aditya
to his father on December 17th. Now both are missing again! Please call
97016 40009 if you know their whereabouts.
Happy Pongal, Deepavali, Easter Aditya!
We will Celebrate all holidays!
Latest as of May 17, 2010: Attempts to reach Vijayasree
Voora to let Aditya talk to her over the phone were
unsuccessful. Vijayasree refused to talk to Aditya, and
hung up the phone. Repeat calls from Aditya were
ignored. Vijayasree's lack of love for Aditya, her
abusive nature towards Aditya and using Aditya as
pawn to take advantage of his emotions  are clear.
Aditya's love towards his mother is being completely
sabotaged by Vijayasree. All along Vijayasree used her
own son Aditya as a trump card to harass her ex
husband. It is so unfortunate for Aditya to have such a
despicable mother. Now that she can no longer harass
her ex-husband, she even withdrew her love for Aditya
by not taking his phone calls. God bless Aditya.
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